Welcome to the website that covers hardware and forensic research for  Pad & Tablet computers.

Initially we be targeting one of he more popular  low cost tablet devices for research , specifically because many of the sub-components are re-used (particularly the imx51 CPU board) in other  low cost devices, visiting various websites including and examining the various photographs of product internals will reveal these similarities.

Sometimes the information and  tools currently available  either on the Internet or in the market just do not match well with the requirements of the  reverse engineer, either because they are too expensive or because the information  has not been released.

To this end we will be developing our own tools and methodology giving us unfettered access to devices that are normally difficult to extract data from.

In other areas we will be trying to reverse engineer the products to add additional functionality , in particular functions that cover  RFID cards, disk drive firmware parameters, flash cards and USB Nand Flash devices.

There is various ‘How-To’ material available from the menu sub system at the side of the website page, but most of the in depth material  is held within the forum areas.

Initially we will be covering tool setup, followed by various extraction procedures.

Requests can be made via the  Contact page.


Currently we are located some place in China. (more about this later).

Our main goal is ‘research’, this covers the following areas:

  • Pad/Tablet computers
  • Computer forensics
  • USB  Nand Flash Storage devices
  • SSD Disk drives and Normal Mechanical disk drives.
  • RFID materials

Research is performed via a number of home brew tools. These tools provide additional flexibility that is not available on commercial tool sets.

Where possible FPGA development kit is preferred over building discrete logic filled PCB solutions.

The tools are then coupled to  GUI based front ends, it is hoped that a number of these tools will be made available for ‘free’, by the use of Public domain hardware such as the Bus Pirate and open Logic Analyzer hardware,details of  which are available at: Dangerous Prototypes

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