Gaining ‘real’ Console access in Pad & Tablet hardware

09 Jan

One of the major tasks required before a tablet system can be analyzed or reprogrammed is to gain access to the low level hardware systems.

If the system is running Android, then potentially there is the Android development utility:
However this system utility requires that the tablet device is also running the adb daemon process (You would not believe the number of Android tablet devices that ship out of the manufacturing plants WITH this debugging utility active)

Whilst adb is an excellent utility for gaining access after the tablet device is booted and running the Android system, it is not much help in Linux kernel development.
In our forum we will show advanced methods for gaining access to tablet ‘bare-metal’ hardware (no not Android rooting apps that’s not ‘bare-metal’ ).
We will also discuss in detail the thought processes and hardware modifications needed to install the systems. Ultimately, the use of this information will give access to the real Linux ‘console’, and in turn will give us access to the Boot-loader inside of the tablet system.

Visit the Forum Area for full details.


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