RIGOL Fiasco

28 Jan

Well, we got to the bottom of the RIGOL fiasco.
Seems they have been trying to stop people from upgrading the scopes from 50Mhz to 100Mhz by:

  • Locking down software and hardware
  • Preventing access to firmware
  • Modifying later models to block firmware changes
  • The result was that one very recent version of the firmware was released without correctly testing it.
    Even without any modification to the Scope(to change the frequency), the firmware is prone to random crashing and corruption.

    Ignore users with firmware and pretend that it is their problem, then when kit is returned ‘slip-in’ an update that gets rid of defective firmware, finally tell users that they: ‘were not using the equipment correctly’.

    You really have to admire how some companies do business.


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