70 million victims as the Sony band played on……

27 Apr

So what went wrong?
Computer networks get hacked every day, recently my own details were spread on the spam lists by the morons over at Marriott hotels.
One day after the hack at Marriott my email account started to fill with spam. Marriott claim my credit card details ,address and other personal information are safe, sorry Marriott I do not believe you.


I have one question to  Marriott,Sony and the other fuck whits who think other peoples personal information is just data:

Why do you employ such complete morons to be in charge of your data networks?

Sure networks get hacked, but WTF (WHY ******), do you not keep the data on your networks encrypted?

Oracle has had encryption functionality built into its database for at least the last 5 years. Exactly what allowed these hackers to gain access to the data of  70,000,000 users, why was this information kept as unencrypted data?

People reading this news, may all think this has no bearing on them, but it does:  since every Credit Card loss is a loss of each and every Credit Card holder, not to mention an increase in insurance and bank charges.

Sony  should be royally shafted by both the people whose data was compromised  and by the credit card companies.

But you know how this is going to turn out:

A few mid level Sony representatives will do a bit of bowing and shed a few crocodile tears, then they will go back to their happy lives.







Here we go!!!!!!!
Sony No.2 Bows deeply



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