Do NOT Buy Apple’s Lion OS X

07 Jun

So you may think this is a new pro windows rant.
It is not.

Jobs/Apple recently announced that:
“Lion will only be available to download online through the app store”

Consider exactly what is happening here, by NOT issuing a DVD/CD Set?
You the ‘user’ do not get an option to control which machine you install your OS on, but critically this decision by Apple is a ‘smart’ marketing ploy to forcefully gain genuine traceable profile details on Apple users.
Simple, because to get “Lion” you are forced to join and register an account with Apple, this includes giving them your real name,address, age, personal details and your credit card number.
No longer can you enter dummy registration information when the OS installs, as a result when you sign up for an Apple store account you are giving up your freedom to remain anonymous inside of Apples massive marketing machine.

No other company not even Microsoft, forces you to register your private details and credit card information, to use the OS, and be clear that opening an Apple account to download Lion forces you to agree to Apple’s terms for the Apple store account, which includes sharing your information with third parties and running marketing campaigns, you have absolutely NO say in the contract or how Apple may use your personal information. There is also the possibility of a repeat of the “Sony” fiasco, all those juicy credit card details,addresses and purchase records sitting in one place ready to be hacked.

This is potentially a massive breach of personal privacy by Apple and the Control freak currently running the company.
Just say:
‘NO’ to Lion: preserve your privacy, until it is available for purchase on a DVD.
‘NO’ to: The ‘ Jobs’ and Zuckerbergs of this world, and every other creep that is using your private information to make a quick buck.

But first check out this link: humancentipad


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  1. Jan

    June 13, 2011 at 11:47 pm

    I don’t understand how Apple expects users to do a clean install of Lion on an unformatted drive without a physical installer disk.