Roll up… The great Facebook privacy abuse scandal

08 Jun

Just in today:
Facebook now scans the photos you upload to the FB service using facial recognition software, and just to ensure that profits are maintained the FB scanning system is enabled by default.

So unless you specifically enter your Facebook account and disable the option to scan photographs your privacy has once again been breached by Facebook.

Coming soon to Facebook, something to identify and tag all baby photographs, so not only will you be able to abuse your own privacy, but also the privacy of your complete family over multiple generations and in some cases long before they are legally ‘allowed’ to use Facebook.

Maybe in the future this will be used as an argument to remove the “minimum age requirement”:
Yes your honor Mr X has been on Facebook since the age of ‘0’, so we argue it is ridiculous to enforce a minimum age requirement of 13, since Mr X gave up this right long before his teens.

This sounds like it could be a ‘great’ tool for pedophiles, allowing similar children to be traced and tagged. (let us not forget the fact that is was also Facebook that refused a panic button for children)

More on the Facebook facial recognition technology here:
Facebook abuses user privacy Again!!


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