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20 Jun

Just over a week ago I posted a blog about anti-spam measures.
I received a message from a nice guy over in the ‘RU’ domain name, a day after my post.
Basically the email just said:
“OK Bitch”

For the last week or so someone has been going all out to try and spam the site with dummy members.

This highlights how easy it is to get a site with over 500 ‘genuine’ members in just over a week.
Now you may wonder why someone would not just spam a forum with 500 members a day, instead of wasting time building it up over a week, well you see it is all to do with Google…..
If you actually watch WHAT a google spiderBOT does, you will find that it starts off by gaining access to the members of a site, specifically it triggers an action to look up profiles of the users of a forum.
(It really is something to watch)
So these spammers are actually attempting to build up profiles for dummy users under the Google(and possibly other ) web crawlers.

I would like to suspect that google is actually running some sort of analysis for click thru and comments by users of forums, so that they can more actively filter genuine email addresses.


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