Dumbest attitude on the net

29 Jun

This weeks winner goes to:
DahSing bank in Hong Kong:Dumbest bank

The only bank who’s website requirements are:
1. You only use windows
2. You run IE 6
Yep after connection problems with OS X/ Linux including Firefox, and after filing a support ticket as a premier customer, I was reliably informed of these requirements by their ‘customer support department’

Sadly even running windows XP & IE, the site was STILL incapable of performing at a reliable speed or stability, even with a fixed line ADSL connection based in Hong Kong.

All other correspondence after this was completely ignored and did not receive a reply from their support department, even the one linking to the Microsoft website referring to the fazing out of IE6. An example of Hong Kong attitude at its best.

Way to go guys……………

What is to bet one of the development guys at the bank is called “wily” (sample of the banks Javascript code shown below:)

if (window.wily_now) {

var reduceCookies = false;

// Disable these two lines if you are having JavaScript issues as
// a result of BRT. The system will operate in a degraded mode which
// only uses server-side timing.



If you insist on ‘documenting’ your code, then at least learn to do it properly.

& Dumber
The dumbest example of site documentation goes to ‘HSBC’ , who actually listed all the developers , dates and potential ‘bugs’ in their website files, these are then made available to the whole internet……… Just WHO employs these corporate clowns?

//* Date By Description
//* --------- ------------- ------------------------------------------------
// 3 Jan 05 Eddy Chang Change popupDualLifeSaveInstr() to popupDualLifeSaveInstr(link)
// 3 Jan 05 Eddy Chang Change popupDualLifeInsuranceCert() to popupDualLifeInsuranceCert(link)
// 3 Jan 05 Eddy Chang Change popupBranchInfo() to popupBranchInfo(link)
// 3 Jan 05 Eddy Chang Change popSaveInstrNote() to popSaveInstrNote(link)
// 3 Jan 05 Eddy Chang Change popupStopLimitSellTC() to popupStopLimitSellTC(link)
// 3 Jan 05 Eddy Chang Change popupInvHPAcctTC() to popupInvHPAcctTC(link)
// 3 Jan 05 Eddy Chang Change popupInvPVAcctTC() to popupInvPVAcctTC(link)
// 3 Jan 05 Eddy Chang Change popupSecAcctTC() to popupSecAcctTC(link)
// 16 Jun 05 Jerry Zheng P2G Migration - syn PIB17B

2009-09-08 Mitch Leung Fixed a Firefox bug that it thinks there is a longdesc in IMG tag when there is none.

Way to go corporate noobs……
Just consider that if your JS is 50% documentation then the wasted bandwidth is also 50% for that file.
Since the servers do not employ page compression, then multiply by  the tens of thousands of downloads(because they are continually re-forcing download for each URL page change -security?-) = increased cost for hardware,cooling,power & maintenance.

This may account for why HSBC shares are underperforming!!


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