Google at it again, please just STOP!!

20 Jul

Yes, our friends over at google are at it again

In an attempt to extract evem more personal information from each and every user, this is the site that greeted me this morning when I tried to log into my GMail account, yes now they want my private phone numbers.

Please Google Just “F*** Off” stop trying to get access to personal information under the guise of trying to help me.
Let us not forget that your system was recently compromised and possibly access by a foreign government.
Why the hell should I let ANY company collect all my personal information in a single repository, certainly one that has such a poor record of respecting privacy?

Just A tip, once a company has your phone number they can leverage the information to search internet databases and connect your account directly to you, they can then go out and build a fuller profile of your presence on the net, why is that a problem?
Because they are making money from it, advertisers pay far more for targeted advertising.


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