Sweet deal over at Texas instruments

18 Aug

Texas instruments is running a discount on the following products:
eZ430-Chronos-433 – eZ430-Chronos Wireless Watch Development Tool
eZ430-Chronos-868 – eZ430-Chronos Wireless Watch Development Tool
eZ430-Chronos-915 – eZ430-Chronos Wireless Watch Development Tool

Be clear and ensure you get the right device, -433 =433Mhz,-868 = 868Mhz,915 = 915Mhz
Whilst each part of the globe has its own standards, you will find that accessories for certain bands are limited. Before ordering be sure to click on the “more Information link”, which directs to here:

Be sure to download the data-sheet from here:

In this PDF file you will find out the capabilities of the device, which include:
Time/Alarm/Date/Stop Watch
Heart Rate
Calories burned
Tilt, X,Y,Z axis
Software Radio
Also be aware that the device comes with a development CD and a device programming attachment so that you can completely re-program the functionality of this wrist device.

If you go via this link you will get a 50% discount:

Just be sure to READ the instructions to get the discount, the discount code is entered jut after you fill in your billing information.

I’m already getting some Ideas for exploiting this kit via the Wireless reprogramming function.


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