Cry me a river

09 Nov

Seems the Yanks are all worked up:

Looking to blame China for the fact that American companies have been dumping E-waste in China and the Chinese had found a use for it……
By re-branding it and selling it back to American companies looking to buy components on the cheap.

Now the question is :

If you are a reputable military contractor with full traceability through your supplier chain, just how exactly is this material getting back into your equipment?
Obviously you do not have full traceability and someone is not being as honest as they should be, which the yanks think is the fault of some country they have been dumping their electronic shit into for decades.

There are significant numbers of these suppliers in Shenzhen and many more companies in America re-importing these goods under the radar, even for the hobbyist markets.

In many cases they are actually using the factory waste produced when they manufacture for the American market, there is no such thing as 100% in-spec products, the ones that fail Q.A are sold to outside agents who then strip them down and sell the parts on, these parts generally meet the criteria of the new production, or they fail again, in which case they are sold on again and again until it is the absolute dregs of manufacture.An example of these parts being re-used would be the Memory sticks sold on E-Bay, where you pay for an 8GB Nand-flash stick, but only get a device that can barely perform even at the lowest levels.

The Americans have only themselves to blame, since it is their supply chain that is being taken advantage of and having spent the better part of 20 years in Quality assurance, I have yet to see any electronic parts bought from a reputable manufacturer approved agent, turn out to be fake.


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