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19 May

Yep, use your ability to make money , but then there are the scammers.

How to spot the scammers:

1. Post a project with a very long time to bid, seriously if you were looking for workers you would be looking at about 1-2 weeks max.
2. If it seems too good to be true IT IS, “Hi, I need someone to type easy shit into a database and I will pay you “insert massive sum here” >$100.
3. On any job, just click on the job posters Identity, and if there is more than one new job posted within a few minutes of the last, but no job ever allocated , then they are a SCAMMER.
4. Virtually any job poster with a name that ends in a number.

Some of the Scams
1. Image solvers, to bypass login systems. (earn $0.50 an hour)
2. Some moron doing his homework that will pick your brains with private emails but never place the job.
3. Some moron who has managed to GET a Freelancer job, does not know how to do it, and posts a similar job to pick other peoples’ brains
4. Hi, Lets money launder together.

If you want to pick work up on freelancer, then you are going to need some real skills
1. Be able to perform the work requested (If you can find it amongst the scammers)
2. Be able to distinguish between all the scammers so that you do not use up all your ‘job’ applications.

You Only get so many job slots allocated per time period
Yep even WHEN a scammer is pointed out to, IF they decide to do anything about it, you STILL loose the Job allocation slot, UNLESS you physically remove your bid from the scammer and wait 24 hours to get the ‘slot’ back to apply for the next job that might be a scam.

There are many many scams on Freelancer, and indeed the company could do a lot more to prevent them, BUT they are NOT interested, because it makes them money AND makes the site look far more busy than it actually is.

Some ways that Freelancer could prevent scammers

1. When a job poster places a job, prevent them from placing multiple jobs within a 30 minute time slot.
2. Double the time it takes for their job to appear if they have placed more than 3 jobs that have never been awarded, and keep doubling the time after that.
3. Prevent new jobs from being allocated excessive bid times (60 days) , unless the poster has at least 1 job he has awarded to an employee.
4. Check their IP address against the country they claim they are from.
5. After the first un-awarded job, charge them a $1.00 for all other posts, until they award a job.

Seriously the people at Freelancer take upto 10%* of the job awarded payment. For that sort of money they should be offering better support to the employees and employers than they currently do.

*It can be as high as 13% if you take into account that they actually deduct the money BEFORE the payment is made and you do not have THAT currency in your account. Specifically they convert ANY other currency into US$ then convert the US$ into the currency of the Job!! for their commission payment.**
(**WHY would an Australian company convert funds from US$ to INR(indian rupees) to pay themselves commission)


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  1. Emir from

    June 14, 2012 at 9:33 am

    Hi. My name is Emir and I work for I came across your blog here and we appreciate your feedback.

    We’d like to thank you for providing tips on how to avoid these dubious job postings and users. We’d like to offer more tips via this link I’d like to assure you that’s dedicated teams go to great lengths to scan job postings to remove dubious accounts and unscrupulous users.
    To help users more, we encourage everyone to check the user’s Reputation. It provides a detailed summary of what the user has accomplished, be it an employer or freelancer. The higher the reputation a user has (5 Stars being best), the more reliable and reputable he/she is. While this information goes a long way in telling you how reputable and reliable the user is, we suggest you dig deeper into the user’s profile.
    check how they thoroughly described a project (the more detailed and specific it is, the better) and how much they were willing to pay for the project. Considering freelancers with high reputation will help you identify more reliable and reputable freelancers to work with.

    As for our fees, we strongly believe that our charges are still nominal and very competitive for an online outsourcing site. Our membership plans lowers project fees and commissions to as low as 3%.

    As always, we’ve taken into account your feedback on our services, and we will continue to improve on the work that we do. We aim to provide the best experience for our customers.

    Thank you very much and we hope to see you use again

    • Destroyer

      June 14, 2012 at 11:21 am

      Whilst I do not have any direct issue with the amounts you charge in commission….
      I do object to your “spin” and the level of ‘support’ you claim to offer.
      Because the 3% you cite is from your most expensive package and you seem to have conveniently ‘forgotten’ to mention the other charges.
      (transfers out of freelancer/currency conversion etc.)
      (I always thought that $49.95USD per month+3% per job actually works out at more than 3%, but hay… what do I know I got an ‘F’ for maths)

      I do have some serious concerns about the way your site transacts business (especially when compared to other sites) and certainly the ethics of your currency conversion system.
      By all accounts financial transactions need to be transparent.
      (what ‘proof’ do you offer that you are actually doing these currency conversions?)

      For example:
      1. I have $200USD in my Freelancer account and NO INR
      2. I accept an ‘Indian’ job paid for in rupees
      3. Freelancer “convert” MY US$ to INR to pay their commission in (INR), completely ignoring any milestones paid by the Employer
      They automatically do it without even asking or getting confirmation.

      WHY would freelancer insist in currency conversion to pay commission, what exactly would freelancer DO with INR?

      I also have concerns about the shear amount of incorrect information on your site related to how it is ‘supposed’ to work, not to mention the extreme difficulty in locating relevant information.
      On one page it actually states I will be billed in “INR” for any job , why would you bill me in Indian rupees?

      Strange that you should mention dedicated teams for tracking down scammers, because I seem to be able to identify a disproportionate amount of scammers every time I look for jobs.
      Some are downright criminal , (which is supposed to be specifically AGAINST your T&C, but they remain active)

      1. Someone looking to build a fake fronts for ATM machines capable of reading cards and sending the details via sms. (multiple posts)
      2. someone advertising for data-dumps from card centers in India , credit-card no,DOB/Expiry/ security numbers.

      Both jobs were STILL on the site until fairly recently, and neither the Employer or employees appear to be penalized.

      I have documented these cases in a fair amount of detail including screen snapshots, dates and the repeated “takedown” request I have sent to freelancer.

      There are also at least a couple of serious security concerns I have for your site (which I have no intention of discussing), that could potentially lead to a massive loss for either Freelancer Or the Employees.
      This is as a result of the way you transact business, and Ohhh boy is it a potential killer!!.

      • Emir from

        June 20, 2012 at 8:58 am

        Hello Destroyer, Emir here again from We appreciate your feedback. I’d like to take some time to address your concerns.

        First off, strives to be as transparent as possible with our fee structure, listing them in our Terms and Conditions (TOC), ( in our Freelancer FAQ, specifically the Employers and Membership Plans, Payments and Billing sections ( We also have more information on fees and charges via this link,

        Since you accepted a job paid for in Rupees (INR), project commission fees will be taken in INR and you will be paid in INR when the project completes. For your convenience and ease of use, if you do not have enough funds in the currency to make a payment, we will automatically deduct the funds from your next highest currency balance (in this instance, your US Dollar funds). Following this, we will process the payment from your verified payment source. If you don’t want your dollar funds deducted, we suggest that you deposit the required funds (in INR) via the deposit page before accepting projects that are in INR.

        While we try to do our best to ensure the integrity of the market (we have tens of thousands of job postings every day) , unfortunately things do occasionally slip through the cracks. However if we see anything like money exchange projects (or the ones that you mentioned) , we pull the project down,and in some instances we ban the accounts permanently. We also have sophisticated software running to detect these users to shut them down. Please be assured that is actively working to shut any dubious activity down as soon as we see it.

        We also appreciate that you’re taking the time to report these suspicious projects to If you want, you may send it to and I’ll personally forward the information to our Anti-Fraud Department for verification and removal from the site.

        Please be assured that goes to great lengths to provide a safe and secure environment for employers and freelancers. We’ve taken into account all of the feedback and we will definitely use these to further improve our services.

        I hope I’ve addressed your concerns. Thank you very much.

        • Destroyer

          June 20, 2012 at 11:30 am

          You missed the point. but never mind, it appears someone has been through the site and cleaned up the fee pages amongst other things.
          Well I at least it is a little more understandable now.

          but I’m afraid we will have to agree to disagree as to what is regarded as “clear and transparent”

          1.”First off, strives to be as transparent as possible with our fee structure.” Again this is SPIN.
          it gives some information but NOT the complete picture.

          2.”Since you accepted a job paid for in Rupees (INR), project commission fees will be taken in INR and you will be paid in INR when the project completes.”

          Please don’t spin………, it is EXACTLY this sort of wording that gets my back up.

          Should be:
          “Since you accepted a job paid for in Rupees (INR), project commission fees will be taken in INR AS SOON AS YOU ACCEPT THE JOB and you will be paid in INR by the employer IF the project completes.”

            And for added clarity:

          An employee should consider NOT accepting any job until there has been a milestone payment by the employer, otherwise it WILL result in a loss for the employee if the employer backs out of the agreement. Where possible we would recommend that the initial milestone payment covers the commission fees

          NOW we can say that it is transparent and CLEAR

  2. disappointed

    August 5, 2012 at 8:07 am

    Emir, your introduction should be (removed: no personal attacks please) They KNOW about all issues and bad karma (Google: scam). But don’t do anything about it… what’s more, it seems they go deeper into it!

    Expose and protest. For manual:
    To have the link re-instated the linked article needs to be:
    2. SHOW CLEAR EXAMPLES of abuse. I.E if your dog died then SHOW a picture/proof of your dead dog

    • Freelancer

      August 5, 2012 at 8:26 am

      I agree that freelancer needs to get their corporate act together, but to be fair in the last couple of weeks they seem to be making an effort….

      Yesterday I reported three scammers and within 3-4 hours they had ALL been closed down, their projects removed AND I had a nice email on each of the projects warning me that they were scammers.

      This is fairly unprecedented action for Freelancer, previously:
      1. You NEVER got a warning email about scammers.
      2. Even If the accounts were closed the projects REMAINED.
      3. It took DAYS or in some cases WEEKS before action was taken.

      It is still early days (lets see how long this burst of energy lasts), but it does appear that someone at Freelancer IS ACTUALLY Listening AND taking ACTION!!!

      Freelancer has the possibility to be the BEST freelancer site, but they really need to ensure they keep MOST of the morons & scammers OUT.
      Some minor changes to their systems could actually cut down on most of the manual work needed to catch these guys.