Freelancer and Fraud. (How to get a University degree for $40usd)

24 Jul

Found on the freelancer site.

Well, here is a sad little individual.

internship report of 12 pages needed for my university
Project Description:
"i need 12 -15 pages of content written for my internship report which would look professional and plagiarism will be accepted because i might fail the test this way. i will check each and every sentence for plagiarism and will pay after completion of project. no upfront bids beyond $1.5 per 500 words will be accepted. details will be given to short listed candidates.its an urgent project. "

no plagiarism will be accepted because i might fail the test this way

So it seems that plagiarism and fraud by other members of society is not acceptable, but this chappy thinks it is ok if he does it (as long as he pays for the work!!).
Mind you, if his punctuation is anything to go by it is better that he gets someone else to do his University work for him.

Problem is that Freelancer is allowing a significant amount of fraud.
Including University plagiarism all the way through to building fake units to stick over the front of ATM machines.
My opinion is that If they carry on like this one day it will blow up in their faces and they may well find themselves in court charges with aiding and abetting criminal behavior.

Come on Guys clean your site up!!!


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