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02 Aug

It is rather ironic that a sourcing site should be associated with a character from “Tales of the Arabian Nights” in which a band of thieves rob a cave.

Indeed there are many thieves associated with Alibaba far more than the usual 40.

One of the biggest cons is on camera modules specifically based around the VC0706*.
A quick search will bring up a multitude of suppliers of this product, unfortunately most are supplying fake products made with substandard and low cost parts.

* The latest revision to this chip is actually VC0707 though there are very few suppliers of it yet.

The VC0706 is actually a Video post processor and interface chip manufactured by ViMicro.
The chip is designed to interface to a Cmos camera chip senso and then process and store the picture information. It allows either CVBS output or more importantly communication via SPI or RS232.
It has a number of advanced functions:

  • Motion detection
  • Video enhancement
  • Colour/gamma correction
  • Illumination change alarm
  • Snapshot functionality
  • OSD
  • USART interface upto 921.6kbps

So all in all it is quite an advanced bit of kit, but the best part is that it can be interfaced by good old RS232 port.

The ‘True’ OV528 is actually a combined, video processor and integral CPU , with user code execution capabilities (produced by OmniVision)
The OV528 is then coupled to a Cmos sensor chip and with the addition of a secondary system you have a complete video capture system that is specifically designed for the low end security market.

Some of the suppliers cons

  • Using different subcomponents and a ‘better’ video processor
  • There is at least one manufacturer using the ‘MV3018SOK’ video processor chip, now this is a REALLY GOOD chip for the money, unfortunately the supplier then uses a shite CPU chip to control the chip as well as implementing the RS232 interface.
    Rather than implementing an extended interface that matches the OV528 protocol but supplies extended commands to use the ‘MV3018SOK’, they opt to do a shitty implementation of the OV528 protocol AND then tie the CPU to a maximum communication rate of 115200bps.
    What is even worse, is that they could have provided direct control of the ‘MV3018SOK’ by the use of ‘write through’ commands.
    They also advertise this product as VC0706, but since it attempts to implement the OV528 protocol, it is obviously NOT a VC0706.**, but nor is it a full OV528 since it is only a software implementation of the OV528 command set.

    This supplier does not mention this in ANY of their sales material, even the pro-forma and final invoice have no mention of OV528.

  • Deliberately using multiple part number on the advertisement, then gradually removing them in communications
  • Deliberately posting multiple product ads with different pictures, using exactly the same part-numbers and sales material
  • Attempt to abuse the SEO for the term “VC0706” by applying the term to products that are not even related to “VC0706” processor chips
  • The potential conmen who mis-advertise their products
    (will be released once Pay-pal finish investigation of the transaction)
    OK here is the company……..
    Cmos VC0706 /VC0707 Camera company to avoid


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