CentOS 6 installing the Graphical interface (GUI)

06 Aug

When doing work for customers I work mainly on VM installations. This allows me to try things out and then rollback the OS should anything not work out.(Just HOW cool is it to be able to take snapshots & rollbacks of a complete os!!)
Normally this is fine for 99.99% of all the work I do, It also allows me the ability to offer the customer complete security, because once the VM is securely erased, absolutely all the customer job information is removed from the machine.

Recently when working on the ‘BEAST‘ I had a need to actually use ‘real’ hardware (no matter how much memory and disk storage you may have on your hardware for running VM’s, eventually you just run out of bandwidth)

Well in my rush, I installed the header-less server version of CentOS 6.2, when in reality I needed to be able to run a GUI for testing.

Digging about using “YUM” I located various package groups called “Desktop” this or that….
And after installing them ,the result was all characters being replaced by square boxes.
(Yep I mean WHO uses a desktop environment with fonts!!!)

The FOLLOWING command is needed to get the FULL GUI installed into the server version:
The first part gets the GUI & X11, the last part gets the fonts needed for the GUI to operate correctly.

yum groupinstall fonts desktop-platform basic-desktop x11 nano

Now get in a command line TEXT editor
yum install nano

Then edit the following file:
nano /etc/inittab

and change:

to this:

This is to ensure that the system starts up using the X11 front-end instead of the single user.

Now save the file and reboot.

We should finally be good to go with the GUI


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