Cmos VC0706 /VC0707 Camera company to avoid

03 Sep

There is currently a company operating on Alibaba selling what they advertise as a VC0706 Camera module
Unfortunately it is a complete pack of lies and the company actually provides substandard product.

The company is called:
or in Chinese

This company is actually offering a crudely implemented rip off module based on the OV528 module!!
I say crudely implemented, because they have attempted to implement the functionality of the OV528 in software.
This leads to the module having extremely poor performance, so much so that it cannot function correctly even at moderate baud rates.

It is recommended that you DO NOT do business with “SHENZHEN TOP CREATE ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD
or purchase any products advertised by them.
Fortunately I used PAYPAL, and whilst it took PAYPAL almost a full 30 days to investigate this company, finally PAYPAL found in my favor and that “SHENZHEN TOP CREATE ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD” is indeed supplying product that does not match the product advertised.

If you are interested in purchasing REAL VC0706 modules then please contact me directly.


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