Bitcoin development rig using a YL2440 as a control system to an FPGA miner

18 Dec

The Good News….
Well, we finally got a fully functional YL2440 up and running a python miner client.
The good news is that it has not crashed in the last 48 hours, AND we fixed that bloody stupid clock bug…

The bad news…..
Unfortunately the bad news is that it sucks ass.

1. Even though the YL2440 has THREE hardware UARTS , none appear to function with the miner at 230400 Baud
This is despite the bloody thing running fine IF I plug in a FTDI USB UART connector into the only available USB connection and use that for the python (even worse the data-sheet for the CPU states that “it is capable of running at upto 921kb), but looking into the linux kernel UART code, there is a comment from the programmer about the UART speed multiplication bits being wrong.(9 instead of the 44 shown in the data-sheet)

2. For some reason there is only 16Mb of ram available to the system, even though the system has 64Mb of ram onboard.(well that is if the shitty ’64mb’ ram chips are not China fakes, that have been re-branded)
or possibly it’s an error when I ported the linux kernel.
3. Being an embedded Board, it uses Nand-Flash as storage, unfortunately this does not bode well for the massive log files continually written by the Python miner, specifically it hammers the wear leveling of the Nand-Flash card.

So the likely-hood of this board ever working for more than one ASIC miner is starting to look rocky.

I’m going to take a look at the ram issue, because I know linux always performs better with more ram, and just maybe we can rescue this situation.

If we do indeed rescue this complete dogs bollock of a project, then for the networking I have a nice 12db Antenna + 1 watt amp for a wireless connection.
Why pay to run a router/ADSL connection when you can leach off all the open ‘noobie’ routers in your area?

*Handy tips:
1. Always download your porn using the local ‘open’ Church router.
2. Always use “WEP” as your router protocol.
3. If you are a dumb-ass Chinese company making copying other companies development boards, FFS DON’T Use a Hearing aid battery to support the RTC. use an INDUSTRY-STANDARD mother board battery.


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