Bitcoin controller using YL2440 (Cont.)

24 Dec

In our last article, we were of the mind that the YL2440 sucked so badly as a bit-coin miner control board, that it could easily outperform a Dyson Cleaner.

As is the way, things come to light that change our interpretation of the data.

It now turns out that the “boot-loader” developed by the Chinese company to pre-load the kernel, was not actually passing the available ram size(64Mb) to the Linux Kernel on boot up.
For whatever reason, the user configurable settings were not being passed in, as a result the kernel was launching with only 16Mb of ram….. The fact that Linux could even run a system including Python in less that 16Mb of ram ,really is a testament to the design of Linux.

Python sucks at the best of times, and limiting its available memory only makes it worse.

New Improved YL2440
After making some modifications to the Linux kernel and forcing a new command line on boot up,
we now have the full glorious 64Mb of ram, and boy what a difference it makes.
No longer do we need to wait 3 minutes for an SSh login, and even the web-front end of the python miner is more responsive.
Total ram consumed… is now sitting at 20Mb, most of which is being used as buffers.

Our next task is to try and get the Stratum Mining proxy working, since this will cutdown on the data bandwidth needed by the miner, plus there is a 2% fee reduction with Stratum Mining.

Once that is done, we will be re-visiting the issue of the RS232 ports and why they are unable to function at 230400 baud.


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