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02 Feb

We have recently re-gained control of this site, back from an admin-user.
This person was given the ability to post as the admin of the site.
A number of forums related to bit-coin ( have been linked here, these links will remain as will the research.

Unfortunately, the person involved is still causing mischief on some sites, mainly by reusing certain monikers and requiring payment for the release of them.
We attempted to re-route the ownership of the accounts via email, but failed.
The person in question has also been issued a cease and desist letter from our solicitors.

To make matters more complex these monikers have been in use for several years on other non bit-coin sites and since the SEO connected to these monikers has some value they have also been appearing in Eastern-Europe.

For the record, most of the technical analysis posted on various bit-coin forums ( is not under the ownership of the person using the moniker, but rather from a secondary source and then re-worded.
The plan was to build SEO links of ‘intelligent and useful material’ related to various aspects of bit-coin.

As regards the email address:
har***, this is now under control of a different admin.

Site owner.


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