Bit of a delay on the Ebay bitcoin miner

12 Jun

There we are going full swing building another new mining rig, only to getup this morning to find one of the old bitcoin rigs has gone tits up……

Thanks again to “XILENCE” and their shitty ATX PSU’s.
Last time I had problems I decided to split out the rigs and dual supply the FPGA’s to avoid any problems.

Unfortunately it looks like it was not enough, pulling 230W out of their 500W PSU for 24/7 was just too much..
China quality has once again shown its true colours.

Looks like their “Auto fan controller” did not work, so they just tied the fan to the 5v line, hay at least they could ship the goods…. unfortunately it did not allow enough airflow to be moved when things warmed up a little.

Finally I would just like to put a call out to this company:
Enhance Technology Ltd.進階科技有限公司
Address: Flat D, 19/F., block 3, Golden Dragon ind. Centre,172-180 Tai Lin Pai Rd.,
Kwai Chung, Hong Kong
Tel:(852) 2386 3797 Fax:(852) 2386-6152 E-mail :

Who in my opinion are really are a dishonest company.

First They sold 3R system PSU supplies that were rated at 30A, but when inspected internally the parts were only for 12A

Second The did NOTHING: Would not reply to my complaints UNTIL I involved the Hong Kong consumer council, then magically they want to resolve it straight away.
Then all of a sudden they are interested to rectify my problems.

They ‘offered’ to ensure I was very happy.
They sent me ‘replacement goods’ for the BRAND NEW defective 3R SYSTEM PSU… unfortunately the replacement goods were some shit that had already seen significant usage, and about the same spec as the 3R Systems product.

So I would advise you to STAY AWAY from ANYTHING

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Enhance Technology Ltd.進階科技有限公司


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