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Bit coin miner From Ebay scrap (IV)

18 Jun

Overall the results from using the Ebay scrap were positive

The boards are a little long making programming via JTAG difficult, not to mention the 14 Pin IDC connector is not really suitable for a standard 14 pin IDC plug (a fact I discovered AFTER I returned from China with a bag full of parts).


As we can see it is a little cramped by the JTAG connector (directly inline with a fan), yep I can say officially that even a 12 Volt fan is capable of doing serious damage to finger tips and finger nails.


There were a number of issues with the FORA(For-a) video processing boards.

  • After digging about we find that the FPGA core voltage has been fixed at 0.97v
    This is a little low for proper mining
  • We had to strip out an additional component that supported the PCI bus as the part was running from the 3V3 supply.
    Failure to remove it would be driving the chip at 170% of its rating thereby forcing it to dump several hundred mA as heat…
  • Yep We had an Idea that there was something shitty about the power-supply setup…
    The Bellinix modules used are ‘programmable’ via an external sense resistor, problem was that when we replaced the sense resistor NOTHING happened to the supply voltage, in fact completely removing the sense resistor also had no effect.
    * UPDATE 29Th June 2013, we finally tracked this down to a defective Bellinix module…
    We can now adjust the core voltage for the FPGA via a system that reprograms the DC/DC PSU module.


    Building a Bitcoin miner from Ebay Scrap, with possible option of litecoin conversion

    08 May

    I’m planning to do an article on how to convert Ebay scrap FPGA into bitcoin miners.

    Target cost is going to be about $100USD per 200MH/s (cost mostly on the ebay scrap)
    so in the case of this…

    It would only cost you $400usd!!!!!

    Now obviously it is not going to have the same ‘expert’ polish as this top of the line product.. but what do you want for 400 bucks..

    Yep I know ASICS are coming soon and that Avalon is already on the market.
    This is not a ‘get-rich’ quick scheme
    Rather it is a last ditch attempt for people to have a final dabble in bitcoin, before the shit hits the fan and mining becomes impossible for most ‘normal’ people.
    Who knows this shit may even sell for $250,000USD in 30 years just like the Apple 1

    Litecoin… well lets see what is possible….., but from early experiments it is not cost effective even at $100Us because the KH/s rate is way too low

    So if anyone is interested post a comment, maybe even check out the advertisers.

    The coins?
    Well everyone else does it so I can too…….


    Busting Bit Torrent Pirates (users) in less than 3 hours

    06 Sep

    There is an interesting paper from the 2012 P2PSecComm get together.
    A system to track and identify a bit torrent user in less than 3 hours:

    The paper is called “The Unbearable Lightness of Monitoring: Direct Monitoring in BitTorrent”

    It can be found here:

    Click to access P2PSecComm2012.pdf


    Thought of the day

    01 Jun

    If “Facebook” do indeed launch a mobile phone, and the terms & conditions allow them to ‘track’ & record the users information.

    Does that automatically give Facebook the right to record 3rd party SMS & telephone numbers of non-Facebook users?

    for example if one of my friends is stupid enough to own a “Facebook” phone and calls or sends me SMS messages, can Facebook also store any of my details (phone number,name, number of calls , country location) without MY express permission?

    Watch this space…….


    “In the blink of an eye: There goes your AES key”

    30 May

    “In the blink of an eye: There goes your AES key” is the new research paper by Sergei Skorobogatov, the researcher over at Cambridge University.
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    Incompetent hosting companies (Arvixe?)

    26 Mar

    Yes: we will be having a post about hosting companies, complete with sales emails and ‘support’ logs.
    We will show how some of these companies just waste your time and in particular request you to upgrade to packages that JUST DO NOT WORK

    First up will be: arvixe
    You can find avoid them at :

    So….. here we go.
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    Arduino Mega: TinyWebServer update

    11 Jan

    We spent a couple of days cleaning up the TinyWebServer library by ovidiucp.
    It now functions correctly under the Arduino 1.0 IDE
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