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Building a Bitcoin miner from Ebay Scrap, with possible option of litecoin conversion

08 May


I’m planning to do an article on how to convert Ebay scrap FPGA into bitcoin miners.

Target cost is going to be about $100USD per 200MH/s (cost mostly on the ebay scrap)
so in the case of this…

4 FPA rig..

It would only cost you $400usd!!!!!

Now obviously it is not going to have the same ‘expert’ polish as this top of the line product.. but what do you want for 400 bucks..

Yep I know ASICS are coming soon and that Avalon is already on the market.
This is not a ‘get-rich’ quick scheme
Rather it is a last ditch attempt for people to have a final dabble in bitcoin, before the shit hits the fan and mining becomes impossible for most ‘normal’ people.
Who knows this shit may even sell for $250,000USD in 30 years just like the Apple 1

Litecoin… well lets see what is possible….., but from early experiments it is not cost effective even at $100Us because the KH/s rate is way too low

So if anyone is interested post a comment, maybe even check out the advertisers.

The coins?
Well everyone else does it so I can too…….


“In the blink of an eye: There goes your AES key”

30 May

“In the blink of an eye: There goes your AES key” is the new research paper by Sergei Skorobogatov, the researcher over at Cambridge University.
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Micro 3D printing, fastest in the world

14 Mar

There is an interesting article on 3D printing and micro resolution.
The guys over at ‘The Vienna University of Technology’ have been doing some stellar work.
Actually managing to build a replica of the ‘Tower bridge’ in London.
However, their model is only a few hundred µm, in fact the distance between the two towers is only 90 µm.

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Arduino Mega: Direct R/W of a Nand Flash memory chip

02 Jan

Since I had little to do over New years day, I threw together some Arduino code that would allow reading of Nand-Flash chips. This includes the memory contents and both the ID and ‘secret’ ID where supported.
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Sweet deal over at Texas instruments

18 Aug

Texas instruments is running a discount on the following products:
eZ430-Chronos-433 – eZ430-Chronos Wireless Watch Development Tool
eZ430-Chronos-868 – eZ430-Chronos Wireless Watch Development Tool
eZ430-Chronos-915 – eZ430-Chronos Wireless Watch Development Tool
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Xilinx Bitstream encryption broken.

27 Jul

There is rather an interesting set of research papers available on Xilinx encryption.

So what is Bitstream encryption and why does it matter?
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LulzSec does a job on the Sun News (news international)

19 Jul

This morning the sun news paper front page was being re-directed to a twitter account for ‘LulzSec’.
All funny stuff, especially for a group that is supposed to be disbanded.
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