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Arduino Mega: TinyWebServer final

29 Jan

All major bug fixes have now been implemented in the main library.
This includes:
Memory leaks/memory corruption in low memory conditions
Corruption of uploaded files, when host was high speed
Incorrect file upload timeout watchdog.


Arduino Mega: TinyWebServer update

11 Jan

We spent a couple of days cleaning up the TinyWebServer library by ovidiucp.
It now functions correctly under the Arduino 1.0 IDE
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Xilinx Bitstream encryption broken.

27 Jul

There is rather an interesting set of research papers available on Xilinx encryption.

So what is Bitstream encryption and why does it matter?
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Google at it again, please just STOP!!

20 Jul

Yes, our friends over at google are at it again
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LulzSec does a job on the Sun News (news international)

19 Jul

This morning the sun news paper front page was being re-directed to a twitter account for ‘LulzSec’.
All funny stuff, especially for a group that is supposed to be disbanded.
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HSBC the world’s local bank most Incompetent bank

18 Jul

So why do I think HSBC is incompetent (or certainly the people in it)?

Today I received some sales promotion information from HSBC (as we know they have been having rather a lack luster year)
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Securing Hardware

09 Jul

An interesting article from the White house website.
Detailing attacks against hardware.
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