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10.1″ Utopia, USB & flexible cable issue

15 May

Well, It has taken some time to get the issues related to the USB port fixed, it seems it was a dual issue of broken USB socket AND a flakey inter board connector, if you remember back to the A8, this was also an issue.

See here for more details:

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Mac OS X and the Dica-Kit root kit

15 Feb

Whilst reading all about: The Wikileaks, HBGary Federal, Anonymous vrs AAron Barr fiasco.
The New York Times

I thought it was again about time to update and run RKHunter

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Site Not Dead

18 Jan

Yes we are still here, unfortunately this Rigol fiasco has completely thrown a spanner in the work being done on the tablets.
No so much from the point of view of analysis of the product, but rather from having to deal with this sort of ‘trivial situation’ then having in blown out of all proportion by improper handling by the manufacturers ‘support’ people.

Seriously if your support is just going to offer the advice of ‘take it to a service center to update the firmware’ ,without any sort of proper analysis of the problem then you may as well not bother having or even paying support staff, especially as the American version of the Rigol Website allows users to download the firmware, but only if you ‘register’ , WHY can they not just SEND me the firmware ?!!!!!!!