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Arvixe hits an Iceberg, and the band played on………

01 Apr

Yep, this continues to be a pain, only  two three weeks in and STILL not resolved.

Basically they sent me details that the server I was hosted on was: shall we say “xxx”, unfortunatly the DNS was pointed to “YYY”, so for safety I have been accessing “XXX” via an IP. Address.

Part of my message to them:

DO NOT INSTALL TOMCAT OR START TOMCAT..................., there is NO NEED to reset the account.

JBilling has its OWN tomcat.....
I had the system working last week, the only thing that was wrong was the domain name, it was pointing to the WRONG server.

See my post to the customer....


Fairly specific right?
DO NOT INSTALL OR START TOMCAT, I put it in BIG letters so they would understand, -some call this shouting-, but after two weeks I think I am entitled to shout a little, especially as this is the sixth time I have made this point.

And they very thoughtful replied……


The 'xxx' server is now the 'ppp' server so its not on the wrong server. So at this stage I suggest that we get the tomcat reinstalled for you in order to quickly resolve this issue.

You can also find the correct tomcat manager here:
May I go ahead and attempt the reinstall of tomcat for you?

Well, thanks guys.
You actually changed the server WITHOUT informing me, so all the work I have been doing on “xxx’ has been completely wasted, because apparently it is NOT my server, so let’s not worry about it.

But please tell me, exactly WHAT do you not understand with the statement:
DO NOT INSTALL TOMCAT OR START TOMCAT……………….“, do I have to start employing the use of a club to beat this information into your engineers?

I think we can say that if you are serious about business you should NEVER , I repeat NEVER use these people as a hosting company, yep maybe that have their stellar moments, but when it does go tits-up they do it with style.