GPS/SMS/GPRS Tracking System Teardown

Coming soon will be a modification of  a GPS/SMS positioning unit(GSM 900/1800/1900 Mhz) with 20 channel GPS decoder.

Specifically we will be ‘reverse engineering’ the interface between the  computer and the GPS unit.  This will allow us to provide a cross platform ‘java’ based client (obviously it will need the right RXTX library to cover the low-level interface with the computer port)

Once we have worked out the specific protocol and commands used to communicate with the tracking unit over the USB cable, we will be disassembling the  unit with a view to allowing  hardware hackers to use the integral  GPS unit in their own projects. (because this GPS unit is currently significantly cheaper than any other available pre-configured module)

Comes complete with built-in microphone and speaker, plus optional arial connector for the GSM band equipment

This is a nice unit ,  size is 50mm*40mm and is implemented utilizing the following IC’s :

  • K5L6331CAA Nor Eprom
  • SKY77518-21 RX-TX iPac FEM Dualband GSM/GPRS
  • AD6548 Othello-G transceiver
  • Venus634LPx SKYTRAQ
  • MediaTek MT6233DA  (MTK6223 GSM/GPRS baseband processor (ARM7EJ-S))
  • Ceramic Antenna element for the GPS decoder.

We have also acquired several utilities to allow ‘re-programming/re-flashing’ the unit hardware via the inbuilt computer/device connection, the company manufacturing the unit is not willing to divulge software source or circuit diagrams , not that, that’s much of an issue…….. (looks like a job for Spiderman)

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