Spy Pen

The ‘Spy Pen’ as seen on various internet websites and in this court case article Dentist hid camera in toilet.

This is not the slimest model available but it is the most common, Video storage capability has been stated as 1-40 hours (depending on the model), in reality the running time is based more on the quality of the battery used in the product rather than other criteria.

As with any product from South China it all comes down to cost, as a result there are absolutely loads of battery factories just dying to get rid of the sub-spec batteries they cannot get to meet the Q\quality standards of the phone suppliers.

So without further ado, the  ‘Perv-pen’ as used by (some) members of the dental community.


We have a breakdown of the unit here:

Chip side


SMT + Nand Flash side


It has to be noted that the device is fairly difficult to disassemble and keep working , in particular the  pen pocket clip will tear the camera connection, because the clip holders project directly into the area where the flexible camera connector sits. Pulling on the PCB too strongly will tear the connector.

For a number of reasons there are significant reliability issues related to this product range, reports of the product lasting from only several hours to a few days.

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