Author Topic: Opening the device (Single Speaker 8" iPad Clone)  (Read 1988 times)


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Opening the device (Single Speaker 8" iPad Clone)
« on: January 27, 2011, 06:02:27 PM »

Some notes.

My tablet shipped with a wide tool. I followed the video and ended up breaking my touchscreen. I didn't pay close enough attention to how he was using the tool. I assumed he was prying up, but he was actually using the took to poke downwards.

The Utopia supplied video is an accurate and reliable way to open the touchscreen, with the exception that one may want to undo the snaps counterclockwise from the round button edge instead to avoid possibility of the touchscreen cable catching. If you know where the cable is

Make sure not to apply any torsion to the front plate (with the touchscreen) during this process
The key is to 'NEVER PRY UPWARDS' on the touchscreen. It snaps fit, and the plastic bottom is soft enough that you can insert the tool downwards between the casing and the plastic front with the integrated screen face.

You can use a similar thin tool, such as a rule. Plastic is recommended so you don't ruin your casing. A plastic knife should work fine.

unscrew the two screws (if applicable).

From the bottom edge, insert your tool vertically and directly down between the round button and go around the casing, and trace it along the edge and undoing the snaps as move around, opposite to the power LED. The only thing that might get caught is the touchscreen ribbon between the round button and the power LED, but the bottom edge only has 2 snaps (1 at each corner), so you don't have to worry about this.

From the bottom of the tablet near the round button. Between the LED and the round button is the touchscreen ribbon cable. Mine was clamped between the front plate and the bottom shell. Let's just avoid that.

With the round button edge as reference bottom, the number of snaps on each edge:
bottom x2
right/left side x5 each
top x4

As you go around, you will hear the plastic snaps snapping out of place. You do not need to pry the screen upwards at all. If this is done properly, the screen will pop up by itself. This can be done with mild force. The hand in the video is used to guide the screen out, gripping the edge of the front panel lightly to prevent it from falling back into the case.

Once the snaps are undone, turn the screen so that you do not tug on the touchscreen cable.

The snap:

No components along edge:

Post assembly design notes:
For resistive touchscreens, the front panel should be made of thicker, harder plastic or metal to avoid any possible flex to the touchscreen panel.

My flex occured at the discontinuous area of plastic where a cutout was made for the touchscreen ribbon. My upwards force trasferred to the touchscreen panel once I got to that part. There is an additional cut near that corner, but its uses are unknown. At this these two junctions, the plastic is much thinner, trasferring the load to the screen itself and resulting in a hairline crack on my screen.

Increasing the thickness of the front panel will increase studiness significantly. Areas of recessed plastic should be addressed.

Touchscreen ribbon (was pressed between casing) and recessed plastic locations (sorry for dark picture):

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Re: Opening the device (Single Speaker 8" iPad Clone)
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2011, 07:28:29 PM »
This post is almost the single most helpful post I've seen anywhere for anything thus far on the Web.


Hawkmankt ;D