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Fixing the USB!!!
« on: May 15, 2011, 08:09:35 AM »
As some of you know I was lucky enough to receive a pre-production Utopia A10/G10, and ot make it more interesting I received one that did not work.
That is to say  for the last 3 weeks I had been looking at why the HDMI and the USB did not work. (yes you can say that I should return it and get a replacement, but where is the fun in that)

Initially I found that the Mini-A connector only had  4 pins internally, it appears that somewhere along the line a pin had been broken off the connector, it must have been prior to soldering the connector on the PCB because there were no signs of ever having had a pin connected to the solder pad.

After replacing the integral USB socket connector with a new one (something that you really do not want to try, unless you enjoy being stressed out), I found that the device still would not be recognized when connected to an external computer, but at least my new connector now had a full set of pins.

This is where a trusty multi-tester set to the Ohm range comes in handy. after tracing the connection as valid from the recently replaced connector , to the PCB and over to the damned flexible ribbon cable, it seems one end was showing a good connection, but at the  CPU board, only one of the USB pins was showing as connected.

So giving some jiggery pokery fun and wola... we now have a working USB connector as can be seen from the following image:

This USB port connection goes directly into the CPU with absolutely no external buffering, which is interesting since we see that the Android-phone is being identified as a HTC model.

Finally we can get a ADB connection to this damned device and look at upgrading it to Android 2.3, we will be doing that BEFORE we even consider moving the product about on the research table.

This little foray into the hardware of the device would lead us to believe that not all prior issues have been resolved.
Those of you who have had experience with the old A8 will recognize the ribbon cables as being a bit flakey if disturbed, it seems that there are other issues related to the ribbon cable.
Just sticking the ribbon cable in place with black sticking tape, may not be a solution to the problems guys,certainly if the cable is not correctly squared off into the onboard connecters, it can lead to shots between the connector tracks which in turn makes the device flakey.

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