Author Topic: [offtopic] need cifs.ko for very specific iMX.515/Hercule eCafe kernel  (Read 3027 times)


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I'm sorry this is very offtopic, but I've been stuck, with a friend who's much more knowledgeable about Linux than I am, for several days now.

I purchased an Hercules eCafe EX HD smartbook (Freescale iMX.515 netbook). it uses a very specific Ubuntu-based variant (9.04 I think), but is missing cifs.ko, and we're really struggling to retrofit it. Hercules support is not helping.

apt-get samba and smbfs from the ubuntu-arm repos doesn't change anything (no errors, mount -t cifs or smbfs just complains "unrecognized filesystem"). modprobe says no cifs. We've been trying to compile just that module, no luck (kernel version errors, then slow_work errors), recompiling a kernel (no dice, the bootloader seems very set on wanting the specific Hercules variants). My friend seems to be diving ever deeper, and refuses to call it quits. I'm way over my head and feel guilty about cheering from the sidelines.

Does anyone have a magic bullet to get cifs.ko to run, or some pointers on where the right info is, what to do, how to do it ? He seems to think it's a common issue with kernels (add "-ecafe-v2" for the specific variant ^^).

The system restore images are at the bottom of that page: ; the source files are there:

Any help would be greatly appreciated. A perfunctory "sorry, too off topic" is Ok too ^^ But please no flames, I'm that close to jumping out the window (with that *****ing netbook).