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Admin location
« on: January 06, 2011, 03:07:24 AM »
Currently I am located in China /Hong Kong.

If you are visiting Hong Kong, and looking for a cost effective hotel you can visit here:
IBIS Hong Kong North Point
Ok it is a bit off the beaten track , but the  MTR (Mass Transit railway system) is a 2 minute drunken stagger away.
If you are a 'back packer' and looking for some place cost effective.
Yiu Fai Guesthouse, it is completely central to TST(Tsim Sha Tsui), you will find reception up on the 6Th floor.
If you bump into the receptionist and she is babbling away in heated Chinese, don't worry she is a bit mad, just keep repeating  'Raymond' and she will call him: after that you are set.

Finally stay out of any hotels in a place called 'Chung King Mansions' just down the road from there.

Money In Hong Kong
If you need to change money, don't do it in the Hotels, you will not get a good rate.
Money changers can also be a 'bit suspect' as regards to 'no-comission' charges, specifically because they screw you over on the exchange rates.

All bank staff speak English, it is also a good place to get money changed.

Stay out of the 'girl bars' in Wan Chai ,unless you want to end up being ripped off, you will be trying to resolve your credit card bill for months after leaving Hong Kong.
A good Bar in Wan Chai is the  'White Stag', just a block down from 'The Old China Hand'.
If you want a 'meet' I may be available for a chat.
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