Author Topic: Part 4 Flossing+old style electronics = modern solution in cramped spaces  (Read 8645 times)


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It has been several weeks since the RS232 hack, during this time we have evaluated the long term suitability of the hack and its usefulness.

If you have been paying attention, you may have seen the RS232 hack on the forum. The hack utilized an extra PCB plus a couple of lengths of shielded cable, only problem was that once the cable had been stripped of the PVC shielding, the shielded cable kept shorting out connections on the PCB, unfortunately the space was so tight that there really was not the room to keep the outer PVC sheathing with integral copper braided shield, but we initially decided to keep the secondary inner foil shield.

What we needed was a compact solution to an old problem(how to keep extended lengths of cable out of the way)

I was always of the opinion that cable lacing was somehow 'old fashioned' and not seen much in modern electronics (outside of NASA and of course military usage), to be completely honest i considered it a bit 'gay' more suitable in needlework classes or for boy scouts to tie each other up.

But in this following situation it provides a more than adequate solution in a confined space and to ensure the cables were 'self-locked' after tying off, we utilized 'waxed' dental floss.

So not only does the tablet now have an RS232 interface to the outside world, but it is also full of minty freshness.

Even using the smallest cable locking tie I could find, there really was no room between the edge of the PCB,battery and LCD screen.

After digging about on the web there are a couple of  sites with good quality pictures:
Cable lacing
Wiring and Cabling How-To

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