APAD iMX515 Internal Bluetooth

28 Feb

It is bad enough being laughed at because you cannot afford an “Apple iPad”, but to have to walk about with 8″ of adaptor cable attached to your pad with a Bluetooth dongle hanging out the end of it is just unacceptable.

With this hardware modification, the Bluetooth connection/dongle can be installed inside the APad case, removing the need for carrying an external jumper cable and USB hub, plus you can now charge the APad and use Bluetooth at the same time.

Head over to: Internal BlueTooth Mod

After much messing about and kernel crashes we appear to have Bluetooth connections available on the iMX515 APad.
We have a couple of preliminary photographs.
The first is of the Bluetooth PCB, which we can see is small enough to get inside the APad case, and even more importantly we can report that the current consumption of the Bluetooth PCB is unlikely to put a large dint in the battery lifetime.

picture 1
Yes the hack is still on going

BlueTooth hack

Picture 2
Finally a picture of the connection inside of the Android settings panel

Connection in Android Settings panel

In the screen show, we can see a connection for an Apple computer and a Sony Ericsson mobile phone.
(yep it is really difficult to get clear pictures of an LCD on a sunny day, the large hazy circle is a spec of dust on the lens)
The metal case & combination lock relates to the padded case I keep the disassembled APAD in.
Specifically because now I am older I tend to loose bits.(It has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the confused state of my work bench)

Hardcores workbench (Left)


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  1. d_aero

    April 20, 2011 at 9:11 pm

    You mention Kernel crashes but will this mod require firmware update from the as standard pad?
    Funnily enough I saw one of these Bluetooth cards on a website half an hour ago when I was ordering the Male Ipod style connectors (to make a lead to let me charge and use the USB together).

    • bob

      April 24, 2011 at 12:17 pm

      No the pad does not require a Kernel modification, specifically because there are Two connection points for the internal USB system.
      My point was that connection to ONE of these points causes the Kernel to error, but connection to the OTHER USB point has no significant problems.

      I suspect that one of the USB points in pre-defined as a primary storage device , but is ignored because it is not connected, by connecting the Bluetooth to this point, it is treated as a device, which is potentially incorrect because there is no ‘file system’ on a blue tooth device.
      The blue-tooth when connected to the second point, functions as expected.