Why Apple’s OS X really annoys me

17 May

One of the most annoying things about OS X, is its continual insistence of leaving ‘rat droppings’ all over my drives.(Apple they are MINE not yours)
Yes, I’m talking about the ‘.DS_store’, ‘.Spotlight-V100’, ‘.Trashes’,’._.Trashes’, ‘.fseventsd’ and christ knows what other crap Apple insists in writing to my drives.

I am well aware the role such files play, but they also play havoc with development for embedded devices.

Consider that you need to generate a linux SD Card boot image, and that to make some small amendment, it requires mounting the partition under OS X.
Before you know where you are, OS X has written any number of crap files into the mounted image, if you then need to clone such an image for inclusion in a mass market product all this information is mirrored verbatim into each one of the cloned images.
This has the potential to create all sorts of issues if you need to compress down a distributable copy of the SD Card (you spend hours getting all the partitions in the right place and compressed & cleaned, only for Apple to write crap to the device)

Working example:
An Android(Ad) tablet running Ad 2.2, needs to be upgraded to Ad 2.3, unfortunately the Ad 2.3 is getting stuck at the “calibrate touch screen’ method.
Obvious solution is to take the TS configuration file out of the 2.2 image and write it to the 2.3 image, this will allow the TS calibration to be bypassed and reliably inform us if it is actually a low level error or just some localized issue with one of the TS configuration routines.

Problem is, as soon as I introduce the 2.2 image into OS X to copy the file, then OS X will start writing crap into each and every directory that OS X accesses.

Why can Apple not provide a solution where this behavior can be disabled for certain devices…, possibly an ‘exclusion’ file, the same as I can do for spotlight

Other Solutions:
1. Binary image the Ad 2.2 and mount it R/O
2. Try to mount the actual SD Card Read only from the command line
3. Run a script to go through the device ‘deleting’ all the files that the OS X has generated (unfortunately they are still there)
4. Employ VMware with a distribution of linux, and hope you can mount the device under linux BEFORE OS X sees it.
5. Employ a professional write blocker device (only a solution when reading a device)

This still leaves the issue of getting a copy of this file over to the SD Card containing Ad2.3, without messing the image with apple meta-data…..



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