Finally, someone gets a set of testicles

15 Jun

It has been announced that the UK government will be investigating Facebook.

UK Investigation

Is this because the UK authorities worry about peoples privacy, or is it because they consider that only the government or police are allowed to do ‘that sort of thing’?
Anyway, whilst all these governments are discussing this, Facebook is currently building up its private databases to the tune of several hundred thousand users a day, once a decision is made, Facebook should be forced to delete all the previously acquired data and deactivate the system, because let us be clear on exactly what is happening here.
Each and every photograph with more than one person, will also have been scanned and each person within that picture will also be tagged, how is Facebook going to ensure the privacy of those people who have opted out of the system, but appear in such photographs? (just work out that they will need to have facial recognition data on those people so that they can be excluded, if they have opted out)

Also be aware that Facebook is loosing users at an increasing rate, so the cards are really down to start getting these users identified, because even after they leave Facebook, this data can be used internally and by the advertising companies to follow these people round the net every time they post a picture.

Now that is sorted out, let us just hope that they launch an investigation into the Apple Store, specifically related to privacy breaches of its customers.

P.S Whichever moron suggested that trees and other objects be used to pollute the database, it will not work, since the system is tuned to identify faces and not match objects.


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