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Why Apple’s OS X really annoys me

17 May

One of the most annoying things about OS X, is its continual insistence of leaving ‘rat droppings’ all over my drives.(Apple they are MINE not yours)
Yes, I’m talking about the ‘.DS_store’, ‘.Spotlight-V100’, ‘.Trashes’,’._.Trashes’, ‘.fseventsd’ and christ knows what other crap Apple insists in writing to my drives.

I am well aware the role such files play, but they also play havoc with development for embedded devices.
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10.1″ Utopia, USB & flexible cable issue

15 May

Well, It has taken some time to get the issues related to the USB port fixed, it seems it was a dual issue of broken USB socket AND a flakey inter board connector, if you remember back to the A8, this was also an issue.

See here for more details:

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10.1″ Utopian wet Dream

06 May

Ok so we have the  brand new Utopia G10 from Hiapad
We had actually started to take a look at the device, but we seem to have a couple of issues related to the USB & HDMI connections.

We also have photos of partial disassembly, that was until we dropped the digital camera.
Luckily, we have been able to recover a couple of the photos, unfortunately it is going to require a new photo session to get a clear breakdown of the full device.
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Utopia 10.1″ iMX515 pad

17 Apr

We have access to the new Utopia iMX515 pad computer currently called A10


Key features:

  • No more screen wobble or jumping, (as per the revision one 8″ tablet)
  • HDMI output (Built in)
  • Screen side Camera (Built in)
  • Fully Working Android Market.

We will of course be stripping this baby down and taking a look at any additional expansion possibilities.