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Why Apple’s OS X really annoys me

17 May

One of the most annoying things about OS X, is its continual insistence of leaving ‘rat droppings’ all over my drives.(Apple they are MINE not yours)
Yes, I’m talking about the ‘.DS_store’, ‘.Spotlight-V100’, ‘.Trashes’,’._.Trashes’, ‘.fseventsd’ and christ knows what other crap Apple insists in writing to my drives.

I am well aware the role such files play, but they also play havoc with development for embedded devices.
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So Why does Apple lock down the IPhone and IPad?

05 Mar

I guess after this week ,many people are finally realizing that there is a reason that Apple lock down the platform.

Yes I’m speaking about the mass breakout of Android viruses via the Android Market.
You can find more here:Android viral swam
and here: Google withdraws more than 50 virus-infected apps from Android Market.

From a personal point of view, I have to say I am rather disappointed in Google over this situation, specifically because it is possible to have java secure the apps and provide a validity checksum per class.
So it would be very easy for any ‘hacked’ application to be detected, since the majority of the classes would have the same checksum as the valid application.
All it would require is for Google to kick off an internal alarm when say >99% of the checksums of a new application matched an existing application.


APAD iMX515 Internal Bluetooth

28 Feb

It is bad enough being laughed at because you cannot afford an “Apple iPad”, but to have to walk about with 8″ of adaptor cable attached to your pad with a Bluetooth dongle hanging out the end of it is just unacceptable.

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Initial fix for APAD iMX51 sound channel noise

11 Feb

There have been reports of sound distortion/pollution on the APAD sound channels.

Here is a visual representation of the noise:

Sound distortion with no cap added


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Dental floss: The ultimate in S&M for cables….
(Cats no longer needed)

06 Feb

I’m always looking for new and interesting solutions to old problems, particularly when the problem has been solved previously and yet may require the innovative usage of materials (I have an issue with people stealing my post in China, so anything that is ordered usually gets ‘borrowed’, yep whoever you are can you return my degree paperwork it is no good to you.*)

Anyway checkout the following link for the task at hand: Dental floss


BusyBox 1.19.0 available for APad iMX51

27 Jan

There is a new build of Busybox 1.19.0 available for installation on the APad.
This binary has been pre-compiled and is ready for direct installation. iMX51 APad Busybox Binary


Solution to APAD iMX51 Touch screen wobble/ jumping ?

26 Jan

We have seen many owners of the Freescale A8 pad computer systems with touch screens that ‘jump’ when users apply a finger/stylus to the touchscreen interface.
Currently we are seeing several thousand users with this problem, each with varying degrees of wobble, at the very worst the device is unusable.

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