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Chinese Tablet ‘Twist and shake’ syndrome

24 Jan

(Wobbly tablet screens)
Anyone familiar with the current range of Freescale A8 tablet devices currently shipping from South China, will probably be aware of a production defect that caused the image on the touch screen to shake violently whenever a finger is applied to the touch screen.

Russian Pre-emptive Strike
There has been significant traffic on a number of forums related to the issue and various solutions have been proposed:
Get the background and a summary of the Authors statement on this matter:
Touch screen Shake



Oracle VRS Google the ‘knock off’ effect

23 Jan

The Oracle/ Google Infringement bandwagon continues to move along Oracle VRS Google Various non-legal personalities also give their valuable ‘legal’ insight into the matter.

The upshot of all this ties nicely into the masses of Chinese Pad devices currently on the market , since 99% of them also infringe on the licensing requirements of Java/Android AND Linux.

This is mainly due to the fact that these devices utilize modified Linux kernel code making the kernel compatible with the particular brand of hardware being used.
But since these Chinese companies do not release the source code (as is required by the GPL licenses), there is the opportunity for competitors to prevent product being shipped into Europe and the States simply by crying ‘Copyright abuse’.

Lets see if this year hots up the Pad market sufficiently to force this situation.


Kernel and U-Boot building Tutorial for Freescale iMX515 Cortex™-A8

14 Jan

A tutorial based around the ‘README’ notes of the Freescale Android R_92 release from Freescale has been posted
Kernel Build

The purpose of the tutorial is to walk users through the actual procedure in a little more detail, as the tutorial progresses it will cover Linux Kernel building and installation onto the Pad device.


Freescale iMX51_R92_Android OS X build

10 Jan

It is confirmed that the Freescale iMX51_R92_Android_source_code package can be unpacked and installed for development under OS X 10.6.5 & 10.6.6 this includes the capability to correctly patch the local Kernel/Android and boot-loader GIT repositories.
However downloading must be accomplished using Firefox, the use of SAFARI corrupts the down-loaded file(This may actually be an issue with the Freescale host).

Secondly: It is CRITICAL that the packages be processed on OS X inside a disk image that has been configured with the format set as:Mac OS Extended (Case-sensitive, Journaled)
The space allocated to the image will need to be about 8Gb (a 13Gb sparse disk image appears to work correctly)

Thirdly: The various utilities including GIT must obviously be installed beforehand.

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Gaining ‘real’ Console access in Pad & Tablet hardware

09 Jan

One of the major tasks required before a tablet system can be analyzed or reprogrammed is to gain access to the low level hardware systems.

If the system is running Android, then potentially there is the Android development utility:
However this system utility requires that the tablet device is also running the adb daemon process (You would not believe the number of Android tablet devices that ship out of the manufacturing plants WITH this debugging utility active)

Whilst adb is an excellent utility for gaining access after the tablet device is booted and running the Android system, it is not much help in Linux kernel development.
In our forum we will show advanced methods for gaining access to tablet ‘bare-metal’ hardware (no not Android rooting apps that’s not ‘bare-metal’ ).
We will also discuss in detail the thought processes and hardware modifications needed to install the systems. Ultimately, the use of this information will give access to the real Linux ‘console’, and in turn will give us access to the Boot-loader inside of the tablet system.

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Apad U-Boot (Freescale iMX515 Cortex™-A8)

01 Jan

So you’re thinking:
Great I have a Mickey mouse RS232 terminal on my pad computer, and I can fiddle with some stuff, thereby permanently trashing my tablet or the SDcard image, but what use is all this going to be to me as a developer?

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