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Bitcoin Miner from Ebay Scrap (Part III)

09 Jun

A couple of days ago I posted a screen shot of the Ebay Scrap miner pushing 120MH/s

Today I have a screen shot at 150MH/s
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Building a Bitcoin miner from Ebay Scrap (Part II)

07 Jun

The time has finally come to Build our bitcoin miner.


  • Ebay Scrap FPGA
  • Cost <$100USD
  • Speed >150MH/s
  • UART Interface
  • Standard ATX computer Power supply

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Building a Bitcoin miner from Ebay Scrap, with possible option of litecoin conversion

08 May

I’m planning to do an article on how to convert Ebay scrap FPGA into bitcoin miners.

Target cost is going to be about $100USD per 200MH/s (cost mostly on the ebay scrap)
so in the case of this…

It would only cost you $400usd!!!!!

Now obviously it is not going to have the same ‘expert’ polish as this top of the line product.. but what do you want for 400 bucks..

Yep I know ASICS are coming soon and that Avalon is already on the market.
This is not a ‘get-rich’ quick scheme
Rather it is a last ditch attempt for people to have a final dabble in bitcoin, before the shit hits the fan and mining becomes impossible for most ‘normal’ people.
Who knows this shit may even sell for $250,000USD in 30 years just like the Apple 1

Litecoin… well lets see what is possible….., but from early experiments it is not cost effective even at $100Us because the KH/s rate is way too low

So if anyone is interested post a comment, maybe even check out the advertisers.

The coins?
Well everyone else does it so I can too…….


Xilence PSU really are quite poor quality.

16 Apr

So today I went out and purchased a couple of Xilence PSU (XP500), specifically because they were rated at 30.0A at 3V3.

We needed a fairly strong 3V3 supply rail to feed a couple of maxim buck converters down to 0.98v for an FPGA project.

You would think that 3V3@30A would be able to handle such a simple situation.

Well you would be dead wrong..
After loading the PSU upto 6A the supply rail dropped to 3v1 we then added another 6A load and the rail hit 2V98 Also the 12V rail began to sag down to 11v8 volts and the 5V rail hit 4V8, even with no loading applied to anything other than the 3V3 rail.

Considering these supplies are rated at 3V3@30A, we should not see such poor power degradation with what is basically a 12A loading on the 3V3 rail.

By the time we were at 18A@3v3 the 3v3 rail was below 2v9 and the 12V rail was also in decline.

Furthermore the power supply started to make a sound as if there was a screw loose in the cooling fan, removal of the load caused the sound to disappear.
I’m of the mind that something was breaking down inside the PSU whenever the 3V3 supply was loaded.

OK fine let us contact their support…
After finally getting their support system to accept the email request and supplying the PSU serial number
I STILL have NOT had a reply after 7 Days….

Is the quality of the Xilence PSU bad or is the application unsuitable?
Well, to put this in perspective, I also purchased a really shitty Chinese made ATX-320T PSU that claims it can supply 3v3@14A, this thing cost less than $11USD(I kid you not)
After 4 months at an overload of 18A@3v3 the supply rail on the Chinese PSU has dipped down to 3V2 the 12V rail is at 12V2 and the thing is still as quiet as a whisper, plus no magic blue smoke daemon has appeared.

Do not EVER buy Xilence PSU’s, it may even be better to purchase that shittly little Chinese brand after all.

Xilence PSU’s appear to suck ass so badly that you would NOT want one inside your computer.
By the way their internal build quality on the PSU is basically ‘Fucking abysmal’, parts of the inline filter are ‘flapping about’ in the air as if it was an afterthought needed to pass the EMI standards.
Whilst there may be many Xilence the market, such poor power regulation can only lead to seriously stressed computer parts and early failure of equipment.

Time to return this Xilence crap to the shop and save some serious money.


Bitcoin: A revamp of our XUPV5-LX110T FPGA mining rig (now faster)

02 Apr

Since the ASIC order went tits up at Tom’s ASIC fuckfest and BFL STILL have not delivered product, we spent the time working on our existing FPGA miner.

Improved in every way
Xilinx development boards are actually very good and it is a testament to the design of the Power-supplies that we managed to push the Bitcoin mining design to 200MH/s ,But why was the board consuming 47W when hashing hit 200MH/s?

The secondary issue was why the logic would not go faster than 200MH/s, even with improved FIFO & UART communication routines, try as we might I would not work, I had pushed the same FPGA to 250MHZ for another project, so it was unlikely to be clock related.

A new Beginning
It now seems that all these issues have now been solved after designing a completely new Power supply with improved layout (we also added two MASSIVE power planes which also act as a heat sink).

The FPGA design is now consuming 10W-15W per board and we have pushed the core to 370MH/s… yep a single core doing 370Mh/s….

So where is the power going?
0v95 Supply is sitting at about 6-7 Amps!!!
3v3 Supply is consuming about 1 amp, but that can be reduced since we have about 16 diagnostic LED’s strung off the IOAUX power line.
We may need to try and parallel up a couple of the 0v95 supplies in an attempt to cool the switching FETS down, we could just change the Capacitor/Inductor fet configuration, but that can be a real pain to get working efficiently, far easier to just parallel up a couple of supplies.

What is the point with ASICS being released soon?

  • We just picked up a load of FPGA’s very cheap on Ebay
  • The cost of a single Bitcoin is over $100USD
  • We only need to mine 1.5 coins and the FPGA’s are basically ‘free’
  • Once the FPGA’s can no longer be used to mine Bitcoins, there is Litecoin.
  • Litecoin?
    Yep in good old hacker style, we may have discovered a weakness in the Litecoin system that would allow us to mine without consuming massive amounts of ram.
    We say ‘might’ because we have only looked at the system very superficially, but if we are correct then with a minor performance hit we could limit down the ram size.


    02 Feb

    We have recently re-gained control of this site, back from an admin-user.
    This person was given the ability to post as the admin of the site.
    A number of forums related to bit-coin ( have been linked here, these links will remain as will the research.

    Unfortunately, the person involved is still causing mischief on some sites, mainly by reusing certain monikers and requiring payment for the release of them.
    We attempted to re-route the ownership of the accounts via email, but failed.
    The person in question has also been issued a cease and desist letter from our solicitors.

    To make matters more complex these monikers have been in use for several years on other non bit-coin sites and since the SEO connected to these monikers has some value they have also been appearing in Eastern-Europe.

    For the record, most of the technical analysis posted on various bit-coin forums ( is not under the ownership of the person using the moniker, but rather from a secondary source and then re-worded.
    The plan was to build SEO links of ‘intelligent and useful material’ related to various aspects of bit-coin.

    As regards the email address:
    har***, this is now under control of a different admin.

    Site owner.


    Bitcoin Samsung 2440 Host controller

    08 Jan

    As is the way, we were sidetracked into taking a look at getting WiFi working on the Samsung 2440 embedded control board, the idea being that we could have a backup system for when:
    1.HongKong telecom manage to cut the telephone lines.
    2.The shitty little HKT ADSL modem or its PSU burst into flames again, yep it only takes them 3 DAYS to get a replacement to you.
    3.Dock with my mobile phone, since that has unlimited data rate, which means I can cut one ADSL & one router from the mix I am currently using.

    Sadly getting WIFI working on an embedded board is not that easy, EVEN with linux

    Tried downloading ‘compat-wireless-2012-12-17’, but unfortunately the integral bash scripts wont run under busy box on the embedded system.

    Tried downloading Bash for the embedded system, but it won’t compile, instead giving a segmentation error.

    Tried cross compiling the needed wireless libraries… fail……

    It’s not that I cannot figure it out, but rather how much is my time worth to get WIFO working on what is basically a dead out of date underpowered board.


    For $89USD+$30USD shipping we can get an up-to-date Quad core samsung4412 at-least 4 times faster than a Pi and with enough memory to run a miner controller for a good many ASIC miner units and it comes with a functioning wireless installation of linux.