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She works hard for the money…. OpenERP CentOS 6.2 Python 2.7.3

21 Apr

Well almost…
Todays time wasting job was OpenERP, not least of which was due to the piss-poor installer, dodgy language (Python… if you want to see libraries done properly see Pearl) and the poor instruction and installation guides provided by OpenERP. (I don’t think I have seen such worthless documentation since the Jasper reports-‘Ultimate’ guide series)
Seriously if you’re going to charge 50 bucks for an ‘ultimate’ guide, then I expect to see such tips as having a two column report broken down into ‘Day’ & ‘Night’, where ‘Night’ always prints on the right even when the’Day’ column is missing. Not some trash about how to position sub-reports on a report page.
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