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Turning USB peripherals BadUSB (A confession……)

08 Aug

There is currently a ‘stink’ about this article:

Turning USB peripherals into BadUSB

These guys appear to have put a quite an amount of research into this subject and attack vector.
However I’m disappointed about how little research and citations of prior work they seem to have included, even if it is not based around USB devices it is still relevant.
Then there is the ‘case’ of the 3rd party publicly available code to reprogram the SAME USB device released BEFORE their presentation.

For Example:
On Hacking MicroSD Cards

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USB Storage devices – embedded Trojan analysis/implementation (USB Nand-Flash)

04 Aug

How we can build powerful analysis tools from Ebay crap….

There is lots of cool scrap available on Ebay, specifically items from video processing companies/telecom companies that sold their scrap to clowns who were supposed to ‘destroy it’ ( you know the ones, who advertise ‘secure destruction’ of equipment).
All you need is a JTAG pod, frequency generator (NE555), multi-tester and a little bit of time.

Back In Jan I threw together a library for reading Nand-flash chips on the Arduino, part of the reason for this was to try to throw together a simple and highly cost-effective way to read Nand-flash chips.

Unfortunately it was a failure due to the read speeds…. BUT….
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Xilinx Bitstream encryption broken.

27 Jul

There is rather an interesting set of research papers available on Xilinx encryption.

So what is Bitstream encryption and why does it matter?
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Your Country needs YOU (highly unlikely)

29 Jun

Yep Good o’l Unkle(sic) Sam needs your help.
we need YOU!

Seems those wicked hackers in other countries may be ‘salting’ the chips supplied to the US.
So Sam is asking for all you chip hackers out there to pony up your fingerprints and contact details (Because the meeting is being held in the good ol U.S of A {freedom center of the universe}), so that you may discuss various methodology and ideas on the hacking and validation of physical chips.

Sounds like a marriage made in heaven.
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Some people cannot take a joke

22 Jun

Seems my pet spammer is getting a bit upset.

After my latest post he upped the number of members trying to join for 5 to 50 a day.
Seriously even if it was 5,000 or 10,000 it still takes me less than 10 seconds to spam-trap and bin the members, plus he gets the added advantage of being completely and instantly black listed for every other user of the spam trap software.

Knock yourself out tiger……..


How to make friends

20 Jun

Just over a week ago I posted a blog about anti-spam measures.
I received a message from a nice guy over in the ‘RU’ domain name, a day after my post.
Basically the email just said:
“OK Bitch”
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Finally, someone gets a set of testicles

15 Jun

It has been announced that the UK government will be investigating Facebook.
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