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ZFS on OSX…. goes tits up!!!

25 Sep

ZFS was supposed to be a super cool file system with basically unlimited storage and the potential to correct ANY sort of corruption within the ZFS file system. (seriously when you have >50TB of storage capability from most modern disk systems, HFS+ just does not cut it. )
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Dumbest attitude on the net

29 Jun

This weeks winner goes to:
DahSing bank in Hong Kong:Dumbest bank
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Do NOT Buy Apple’s Lion OS X

07 Jun

So you may think this is a new pro windows rant.
It is not.

Jobs/Apple recently announced that:
“Lion will only be available to download online through the app store”
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How to avoid or remove Mac Defender malware

25 May

Has finally woken up to the problems being caused by this malware, as a result Apple has released a technical support document, the document goes some way to explaining that you should not enter your credit card information!!, but it does also detail how a user may remove the malware, you can find the document here: removing Mac Defender

Look, Everybody with a mac
Do yourself a favour go over to the sophus website, and download their free antivirus program: Free OS X Antivirus.
Whilst it may not be the best AV on the market, it is going to be better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick


Heads Up……… Macdefender

20 May

There is a new Trojan doing the round for OS X, currently going under the name of “MacDefender”, however that name is likely to change once people become more aware that the application is a trojan.

Just a tip, try to steer clear of ANY AV program for OS X that has not been on the market for at-least a year and for which you cannot find decent balanced reviews.
Yes it is true that most of the AV programs for mac suck stronger than a Dyson vacuum cleaner, but that is not an excuse to go mad and download a program just because it is ‘new’, let some other moron download and test it first.


OSX Zero Day Exploit

08 May

Pure Hacking blogged recently about a potential Zero day exploit , where an attacker could target OSX Skype users.
The exploit is sent in the form of an attachment and if successful allows the attacker to gain shell access on the Machine.

More details available here Pure Hacking


APAD iMX515 Internal Bluetooth

28 Feb

It is bad enough being laughed at because you cannot afford an “Apple iPad”, but to have to walk about with 8″ of adaptor cable attached to your pad with a Bluetooth dongle hanging out the end of it is just unacceptable.

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