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Bit of a delay on the Ebay bitcoin miner

12 Jun

There we are going full swing building another new mining rig, only to getup this morning to find one of the old bitcoin rigs has gone tits up……

Thanks again to “XILENCE” and their shitty ATX PSU’s.
Last time I had problems I decided to split out the rigs and dual supply the FPGA’s to avoid any problems.
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Cmos VC0706 /VC0707 Camera company to avoid

03 Sep

There is currently a company operating on Alibaba selling what they advertise as a VC0706 Camera module
Unfortunately it is a complete pack of lies and the company actually provides substandard product.
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Cmos VC0706 /VC0707 Camera@Alibaba *BEFORE buying

02 Aug

It is rather ironic that a sourcing site should be associated with a character from “Tales of the Arabian Nights” in which a band of thieves rob a cave.

Indeed there are many thieves associated with Alibaba far more than the usual 40.
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