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Thought of the day

01 Jun

If “Facebook” do indeed launch a mobile phone, and the terms & conditions allow them to ‘track’ & record the users information.

Does that automatically give Facebook the right to record 3rd party SMS & telephone numbers of non-Facebook users?

for example if one of my friends is stupid enough to own a “Facebook” phone and calls or sends me SMS messages, can Facebook also store any of my details (phone number,name, number of calls , country location) without MY express permission?

Watch this space…….


Google at it again, please just STOP!!

20 Jul

Yes, our friends over at google are at it again
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Securing Hardware

09 Jul

An interesting article from the White house website.
Detailing attacks against hardware.
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Dumbest attitude on the net

29 Jun

This weeks winner goes to:
DahSing bank in Hong Kong:Dumbest bank
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Some people cannot take a joke

22 Jun

Seems my pet spammer is getting a bit upset.

After my latest post he upped the number of members trying to join for 5 to 50 a day.
Seriously even if it was 5,000 or 10,000 it still takes me less than 10 seconds to spam-trap and bin the members, plus he gets the added advantage of being completely and instantly black listed for every other user of the spam trap software.

Knock yourself out tiger……..


How to make friends

20 Jun

Just over a week ago I posted a blog about anti-spam measures.
I received a message from a nice guy over in the ‘RU’ domain name, a day after my post.
Basically the email just said:
“OK Bitch”
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Finally, someone gets a set of testicles

15 Jun

It has been announced that the UK government will be investigating Facebook.
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