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A really Small Atomic Clock

03 May

Symmetricom have released a development board for their new Atomic clock

I’d Like to do a review of the product and possibly write some cross platform software for the device, but unfortunately the price break is currently putting this baby at $1500 USD for a single piece.
Details of the device, as well as a couple of in-depth data sheets can be found at the following link: Symmetricom Atomic Clock


RIGOL Fiasco

28 Jan

Well, we got to the bottom of the RIGOL fiasco.
Seems they have been trying to stop people from upgrading the scopes from 50Mhz to 100Mhz by:

  • Locking down software and hardware
  • Preventing access to firmware
  • Modifying later models to block firmware changes
  • The result was that one very recent version of the firmware was released without correctly testing it.
    Even without any modification to the Scope(to change the frequency), the firmware is prone to random crashing and corruption.

    Ignore users with firmware and pretend that it is their problem, then when kit is returned ‘slip-in’ an update that gets rid of defective firmware, finally tell users that they: ‘were not using the equipment correctly’.

    You really have to admire how some companies do business.


    Site Not Dead

    18 Jan

    Yes we are still here, unfortunately this Rigol fiasco has completely thrown a spanner in the work being done on the tablets.
    No so much from the point of view of analysis of the product, but rather from having to deal with this sort of ‘trivial situation’ then having in blown out of all proportion by improper handling by the manufacturers ‘support’ people.

    Seriously if your support is just going to offer the advice of ‘take it to a service center to update the firmware’ ,without any sort of proper analysis of the problem then you may as well not bother having or even paying support staff, especially as the American version of the Rigol Website allows users to download the firmware, but only if you ‘register’ , WHY can they not just SEND me the firmware ?!!!!!!!


    Rigol DS1052E = ‘sub-standard’ product

    15 Jan

    I did not have a lot of money to spend but wanted an oscilloscope for use in the forum, so that I could reverse engineer some protocols on the PCB’s as well as look into the Digital noise on the sound channel.
    So I decided to purchase a genuine oscilloscope from a reliable supplier (If there is any such thing in China) I had heard good things about Rigol, unfortunately it was a 7 hour round trip to the supplier to pick the product up.

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