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02 Feb

We have recently re-gained control of this site, back from an admin-user.
This person was given the ability to post as the admin of the site.
A number of forums related to bit-coin ( have been linked here, these links will remain as will the research.

Unfortunately, the person involved is still causing mischief on some sites, mainly by reusing certain monikers and requiring payment for the release of them.
We attempted to re-route the ownership of the accounts via email, but failed.
The person in question has also been issued a cease and desist letter from our solicitors.

To make matters more complex these monikers have been in use for several years on other non bit-coin sites and since the SEO connected to these monikers has some value they have also been appearing in Eastern-Europe.

For the record, most of the technical analysis posted on various bit-coin forums ( is not under the ownership of the person using the moniker, but rather from a secondary source and then re-worded.
The plan was to build SEO links of ‘intelligent and useful material’ related to various aspects of bit-coin.

As regards the email address:
har***, this is now under control of a different admin.

Site owner.


Bitcoin controller using YL2440 (Cont.)

24 Dec

In our last article, we were of the mind that the YL2440 sucked so badly as a bit-coin miner control board, that it could easily outperform a Dyson Cleaner.

As is the way, things come to light that change our interpretation of the data.

It now turns out that the “boot-loader” developed by the Chinese company to pre-load the kernel, was not actually passing the available ram size(64Mb) to the Linux Kernel on boot up.
For whatever reason, the user configurable settings were not being passed in, as a result the kernel was launching with only 16Mb of ram….. The fact that Linux could even run a system including Python in less that 16Mb of ram ,really is a testament to the design of Linux.

Python sucks at the best of times, and limiting its available memory only makes it worse.

New Improved YL2440
After making some modifications to the Linux kernel and forcing a new command line on boot up,
we now have the full glorious 64Mb of ram, and boy what a difference it makes.
No longer do we need to wait 3 minutes for an SSh login, and even the web-front end of the python miner is more responsive.
Total ram consumed… is now sitting at 20Mb, most of which is being used as buffers.

Our next task is to try and get the Stratum Mining proxy working, since this will cutdown on the data bandwidth needed by the miner, plus there is a 2% fee reduction with Stratum Mining.

Once that is done, we will be re-visiting the issue of the RS232 ports and why they are unable to function at 230400 baud.


Good suppliers for Hobbyist PCB manufacture

05 Sep

If you need to manufacture some PCB’s, check out the following link first:


youritronics have prepared an analysis of two main Hobbyist PCB vendors:
ITead & Seeed.

Also read through the comments attached to the post, since there is an interesting “insight”
” iteadstudio was started by an engineer who used to work at Seeed and left to start his own competing business, taking the contacts and business model”

This sort of behavior is fairly common in the Chinese business community, and is one of the main reasons why , they tend to not keep detailed and organized records. (Since it allows anyone with access to a photo copier/flash drive to steal the whole business.)

Anyway go check out youritronics


Arvixe still not there yet?

04 Apr

I am beginning to get the idea that some members of Arvixe are giving false information in an attempt to make it appear to the customer/ or their supervisors that we are the one in the wrong and that they are ‘doing their best’ to sort out the problems, possibly in attempt to coverup their mess.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I just cannot see why it takes 3 weeks to setup a server with a domain name pointing to the same address, NOT install tomcat and give the customer the CORRECT details to connect to their hosted account.

Yesterday I received an emails clearly stating:

The ------ server is now the --- server so its(sic) not on the wrong server.

However after checking and executing a ‘ping’ to the customers REGISTERED domain name and a ping to the ‘—‘ server I find that they are NOT the same servers

The server that they claimed was “NOT the wrong server”

PING (---.---.---.52): 56 data bytes
64 bytes from ---.---.---.52: icmp_seq=0 ttl=49 time=260.736 ms
64 bytes from ---.---.---.52: icmp_seq=1 ttl=49 time=261.221 ms
64 bytes from ---.---.---.52: icmp_seq=2 ttl=49 time=259.718 ms

The customers DNS server:

PING (---.---.---.2): 56 data bytes
64 bytes from ---.---.---.2: icmp_seq=0 ttl=53 time=259.538 ms
64 bytes from ---.---.---.2: icmp_seq=1 ttl=53 time=260.570 ms

Clearly the pings resolve to different IP addresses, and after checking the content of the servers that are supposed to be ‘right and the same’, it was clear that they are NOT the same.

Anyone wanting a GOOD hosting company can click on this link:

Get a week’s FREE trial and a support team that, I have to say is absolutely the best and fun to send emails to. Plus it only takes them 15 minutes to get you running.


Arvixe hits an Iceberg, and the band played on………

01 Apr

Yep, this continues to be a pain, only  two three weeks in and STILL not resolved.

Basically they sent me details that the server I was hosted on was: shall we say “xxx”, unfortunatly the DNS was pointed to “YYY”, so for safety I have been accessing “XXX” via an IP. Address.

Part of my message to them:

DO NOT INSTALL TOMCAT OR START TOMCAT..................., there is NO NEED to reset the account.

JBilling has its OWN tomcat.....
I had the system working last week, the only thing that was wrong was the domain name, it was pointing to the WRONG server.

See my post to the customer....


Fairly specific right?
DO NOT INSTALL OR START TOMCAT, I put it in BIG letters so they would understand, -some call this shouting-, but after two weeks I think I am entitled to shout a little, especially as this is the sixth time I have made this point.

And they very thoughtful replied……


The 'xxx' server is now the 'ppp' server so its not on the wrong server. So at this stage I suggest that we get the tomcat reinstalled for you in order to quickly resolve this issue.

You can also find the correct tomcat manager here:
May I go ahead and attempt the reinstall of tomcat for you?

Well, thanks guys.
You actually changed the server WITHOUT informing me, so all the work I have been doing on “xxx’ has been completely wasted, because apparently it is NOT my server, so let’s not worry about it.

But please tell me, exactly WHAT do you not understand with the statement:
DO NOT INSTALL TOMCAT OR START TOMCAT……………….“, do I have to start employing the use of a club to beat this information into your engineers?

I think we can say that if you are serious about business you should NEVER , I repeat NEVER use these people as a hosting company, yep maybe that have their stellar moments, but when it does go tits-up they do it with style.


Web Store opening soon

02 Dec

Well, we have been busy looking at the Arduino, and since we have a few years industry experience in both Electronics and Quality assurance, we decided to open an electronics Shop.
We will be providing the Arduino range of products including a selection of the shields.

These will be pretested and with a guarantee ( not for user abuse, but we will be looking at a repair service for users that damaged their Arduino’s)
Initially we will be providing free registered shipping, payment via PAYPAL.


Cry me a river

09 Nov

Seems the Yanks are all worked up:

Looking to blame China for the fact that American companies have been dumping E-waste in China and the Chinese had found a use for it……
By re-branding it and selling it back to American companies looking to buy components on the cheap.

Now the question is :
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