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Bitcoin Samsung 2440 Host controller

08 Jan

As is the way, we were sidetracked into taking a look at getting WiFi working on the Samsung 2440 embedded control board, the idea being that we could have a backup system for when:
1.HongKong telecom manage to cut the telephone lines.
2.The shitty little HKT ADSL modem or its PSU burst into flames again, yep it only takes them 3 DAYS to get a replacement to you.
3.Dock with my mobile phone, since that has unlimited data rate, which means I can cut one ADSL & one router from the mix I am currently using.

Sadly getting WIFI working on an embedded board is not that easy, EVEN with linux

Tried downloading ‘compat-wireless-2012-12-17’, but unfortunately the integral bash scripts wont run under busy box on the embedded system.

Tried downloading Bash for the embedded system, but it won’t compile, instead giving a segmentation error.

Tried cross compiling the needed wireless libraries… fail……

It’s not that I cannot figure it out, but rather how much is my time worth to get WIFO working on what is basically a dead out of date underpowered board.


For $89USD+$30USD shipping we can get an up-to-date Quad core samsung4412 at-least 4 times faster than a Pi and with enough memory to run a miner controller for a good many ASIC miner units and it comes with a functioning wireless installation of linux.


Setup functionality of WPA/WPA2 WiFi has potential to let in hackers

30 Dec

Yep…. despite all the posts on the net stating that WPA/WPA2 has been cracked (it has not), the research is still a massive shortcut to having to run ‘normal’ brute force attacks
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